Attract and Close your ideal clients into your
highest end programs - without being pushy or sleazy!
If you're ready to increase your prices and close your best clients consistently
and easily in a way that is aligned with your personal values and unique strengths --

read on to learn more about this powerful training program!

From the Desk of Caitlin Cogan Doemner

Apple Valley, California


Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,


Have you been struggling to articulate your value and create your dream "high-end package" that sells for $5,000, $10,000 or even $25,000? 


Are you tired of having sales conversations where people are really excited but then decide not to move forward "at this time"? Or they tell you they can't afford it?


It's painful to let someone walk away when you know you could change their life, isn't it?


How many opportunities have slipped through your fingers because you didn't know what to say to get them to say "Yes" to themselves and to you?


So... What's the alternative?

Master the Art of Influence
and Inspire your Best Prospects to Move Forward with You!

Lead through Sales.

Inspire potential clients to believe in you and believe in themselves and take the action required to transform their life.

Let your love and committment to your client shine through even in your first interactions with them.


In order to unlock your full potential as a business owner and industry leader, you must master the art of influcence and learn how to sell with confidence and authenticity so you can succeed in every area of your personal and professional life! 


Who Am I? ...and why should you listen to me?
After studying philosophy and literature at Oxford University and acquiring $30,000 worth of debt to acquire ZERO marketable job skills... I decided to invest another $20,000 and three more years of my life getting my Master's in Business Administration -- THIS, I felt sure, would give me tools I needed to get a great job and pay off my student debt!
Instead, I married the man of my dreams, got a rambunctious six year old boy thrown into the package, and moved to a rural town called Apple Valley.
Now a stay at home mom, I started trying out various home-based businesses, teaching art classes and doing sporatic business consulting. After multiple failures, a miscarriage, and an additional $10,000 in credit card debt added into the equation, I was at my wit's end.
I did the most desperate thing I could do -- I took money out of my husband's 401k to hire a coach. $5,000 was a LOT of money to me back then, and it did the trick: With the direction I received from my coach and the fire in my belly to pay Michael back, I did the unthinkable: I closed two people into my $2,000 program in less than 45 days.
LESSON #1: Anyone with enough enthusiasm (and a little bit of direction) can sell!
I HATED sales. I grew up in a family that hung up on telemarketers and crossed the street to avoid a salesman. There was the unspoken law that all sales people are pushy and manipulative; they can't be trusted and if you give them a chance, they'll coerce you into buying something you don't want or need at twice the price of its real value.
Nevertheless, despite my lack of experience and distaste for the process, my coach hired me to work with his sales consultant to start closing deals for him. We developed a two-part sales model that worked very effectively to close high end deals, and we decided to sell the process to our first client, Margaret M. Lynch. In less than two weeks, we generated over $250,000 in sales for Margaret, and we had proven our model worked. 
LESSON #2: Using a system is the difference between sporadic work and a reliable source of revenue.
Since then, Virtual Coaching Sales has been hired by some of the biggest names in the coaching industry to recruit, hire, train and manage sales teams. I currently charge $15,000 for my recuritment and hiring package. Last year I was selling the exact same program for $5,000. I've been increasing my prices by approximately 33% every 4 months.
I have a knack for selling high-priced programs and training others to do the same. Last month, my teams sold over $300,000 in coaching programs and services ranging from $2,000 - $25,000 for my clients. My employees come from all walks of life -- dental hygenists, massage therapists, health coaches, administrative assistants. Most of them started with no sales experience and are now bringing in $10,000 commission checks each month.
LESSON #3: Selling high-priced programs is just as easy as selling low-priced programs.
What's crazy to me is that in the three years I studied "business" -- not once did I have a class in How to Sell, which I have discovered is the single most important skill in running a business. If you don't know how to sell, your business is dead in the water. Selling is the only truly NECESSARY business skill. (Everything else can be outsourced.) 
LESSON #4: Selling is the only skill that's guaranteed to make you money!
Even if you're not actively selling a product or a service -- you are always selling YOU! And you're doing it every day, in every interaction, with every person you meet. Sales is simply an expression of influence, and influence is the heart of leadership. If you want to be a leader in your business, in your family, in your community, then learning how to sell with confidence and authenticity will give you the practical skills and the mindset you need to succeed in every area of your life.
LESSON #5: Everyone is always selling at least one thing... Themselves!
Because I started at the bottom, with no sales experience -- in fact, I started below bottom: I started with a fear, hatred and shame around the act of selling -- I can relate to people at every step in their sales journey.
I now LOVE to sell. Selling is my favorite part of my business, because I view it as an opportunity to build relationships, solve problems, and give people incredible value that will transform their lives and business.
Some of my best clients have been expert sales people in their own right! They just wanted the next small boost that would increase their conversions just a tiny bit and make them a little more consistent in their closing. Like Amber...
Listen to Amber's Story: "100% Conversion Rate"
Past and Current VCS Clients


ALI BROWN, Ali International, Inc.
We recruited, hired, and trained Ali’s sales team. In the first 3 months, we achieved a 247% ROI for her; at the end of seven months, when they were ready to internalize the team, we had averaged a 700% ROI.





MARGARET M. LYNCH, Bestselling Author of Tapping into Wealth 

After our intial $250,000 explosion, we implemented a full-time sales team that is generating 200% ROI each month:



"VCS found me when I needed someone to help me increase sales... And if you think adding $220,000 to my bottom line is “increasing sales” then they knocked it out of the park. They engaged my tribe in a way that was so appealing and made those people feel so loved and so warm -- they couldn’t even tell there was a sales process going on! I thought I was getting a sales team to grow my bottom line, and I got so much more.


"I cannot possibly endorse or recommend them enough! If you are lucky enough to find your way to VCS, hire them! Your people, your tribe, your best customers will LOVE YOU for it."





In the first 90 days, our team was able to generate a 380% ROI for Christine and we're on track to increase that every month.






360% ROI in 12 months


"Before aligning with Virtual Coaching Sales, we at The Client Attraction Business School™ had been leaving many, many potential students un-served. There was simply no one on our Team qualified to handle the sheer volume of connection calls required to help those who had expressed interest in working with us. Enter Caitlin Doemner and her unmatched expertise in helping us brilliantly recruit and train talented, loving appointment setters and enrollment coaches. These sales-trained individuals have since become a seamless extension of our brand and have helped us dramatically grow our student body. We are thrilled with the outcome and wholeheartedly recommend Caitlin and VCS.


"If you are ready to scale your business, then VCS is the company you want to align with to go to the next level.”




Introducing... The Academy of Influence™
After conquering my own demons and discovering how sell high-ticket programs from a place of passion and authenticity...
    After building remarkably successful sales teams for numberous celebrities...
         After training dozens of employees to consistently close high-end deals every day...
...I wanted to help other entrepreneurs discover the same liberating truth I had uncovered: Knowing how to sell is the key to financial freedom, independence, and security. I will never again depend on someone else for my paycheck. Anytime I want to make more money, I can simply jump on the phone and close a deal. It's the most exhilarating and empowering feeling in the world!
I also realized that as I was learning how to sell, I was learning how to lead, because leadership and sales are both expressions of influence (hence the name!).
LEADERSHIP is communicating Vision in a compelling manner that inspires people to take action.

SALES is communicating Value in a compelling manner that inspires people to take action.


But looking around at the sales trainings that were available, I DID NOT want to create a program that would:

  • Regurgitate outdated techniques that stopped working in the 80's
  • Perpetuate the traditional I Win - You Lose mindset that characterizes many closers
  • Assume that everyone sells the same way and fit you all into the same mold
  • Teach techiniques and scripts that sound memorized and end up back-firing
  • Focus on pitching a product to anyone, regardless of their situation
  • Spend a year teaching you how to sell and delay making money



The Academy of Influence™ is designed to:
  • Share universal principles that will be just as effective 50 years from now as they are today
  • Advocate a Win-Win Abundance Mindset that views sales as an act of Love and Service
  • Identify how YOU best attract others so you can BE YOURSELF on your sales calls
  • Give you practical strategies and tools that will give you confidence in every situation
  • Show you how to give incredible value and turn every conversation into an opportunity for collaboration
  • Start you closing high-end deals immediately to generate cash flow now!
What are you getting when you join the Academy of Influence™?
  • 8-week interactive online course designed by a busy entrepreneur FOR busy entrepreneurs

  • Weekly modules covering our proprietary 7 Step Model for Authentic High-End Selling™
  • Comprehensive Sales Funnel Analysis to identify the current gaps in your sales process
  • Daily "bite-sized" lessons to start or end your day with a fresh sales perspective
  • My revolutionary 13 Principles of Shameless Sales™ -- to be featured in my upcoming new book!
  • Special 5-part video series on how to use Emotional Freedom Technique to overcome internal resistance
  • Over 20 hours of archived training calls where I've helped business owners get clear on their real value

  • 24/7 Access to your personal coaching platform
  • Multiple phone scripts and email templates for you to "Plug-and-Play" into your own business
  • Private Facebook group for networking and sharing best practice

  • Email access to me and the Faculty Advisors -- essentially, you'll have 5 Sales Experts at your fingertips!

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What Our Graduates Say...
“Before I met Caitlin, sales was a bad word in my vocabulary. Sales has a way of exposing all of the inner gremlins which lurk behind one's weak ego.  I'll admit my critical & judgmental saboteurs have been on my shoulder convincing me I can't learn new skills… Caitlin told me to love on people… I was encouraged to do what I love -- talking to people and helping them discuss what is and isn't working in their business.  Sales is no longer something I dread, but rather something I thoroughly enjoy.  My mindset had been changed. I now view it as an opportunity to serve.”

-- Stacy Rothenburger

"Even after 12 years in business, I felt like I was still struggling to overcome my clients' objections and teach my team how to do the same. Establishing systems to consistently close deals is an area of my business is where I can ALWAYS improve my skills. Now, after participating in the VCS Academy, I feel that we're now reaching a new level of close rates! We closed 80% of our sales while participating in the Academy and had a record breaking month in March! I'm now training my staff with our new skills and anticipate we'll easily break a half million in 2015."
                                                                                                                                                               -- Scott Roewer

“I have been in sales for over 35 years and yours is the most heart centered sales training I have ever encountered. I wish I had had this training 35 years ago when I started my 22 year real estate career or even ten years ago when I started a new career in health coaching! This is such a valuable course!

I am so impressed with how you are able to break down the entire sales process so clearly. I especially love how you train and model how to continually love your prospects and clients and seemingly wrap your soul around them, even while on the phone! I have learned and experienced that it is so much more effective to be in my heart, throughout the conversation, while listening more and talking less. Thank you for this amazing training! I would absolutely recommend this training for anyone in sales, which is everyone whether they know it or not! This is truly awesome stuff!   Thank you with admiration and gratitude!”

-- Dyann Lyon

Whole Health By Design



"The Academy of Influence is a very unique sales course. Yes, you will learn the anatomy of the sales conversation, strategy and mindset, but you’ll also learn the different roles you play within these specialized interactions. You'll learn about who you are and how the world hears you, experiences you. With this information you see where you shine naturally in the sales conversation and where to spend more time learning, practicing. You get plenty of time to ask questions, practice, and interact with Caitlin and your class mates. I give it 5 Stars!"

-- Gregory Anne Cox


"I have been in sales for over 50 years, selling everything from soil to sawdust, Snap-On-Tools, automotive accessories, automobiles, ambulances, high end tour buses, health and wellness products to healthy lifestyle coaching.  Caitlin – I appreciate your style, approach and personality. You lead with your heart and you allow the person you are speaking to the pleasure of falling in love and  becoming cozy with you.  You guide your clients through the maze of possibilities to a safe destination knowing you have their best interest at  heart.  They feel special for being heard and know that you care and they matter.  This is quite a change from Find-Sift-Sort- and-Close.  What you do is exactly what I want to model...  Thank you for all that you do and for all of the lives that you touch.

You do business with heart and are making a difference in other people's lives."

-- Wild Bill Jones

Whole Health By Design


Within two months, I learned what probably takes years for others and this is only because of Caitlin's excellent leadership and divine spirit communication skills. Caitlin is a powerful yet a gentle and patient facilitator who gets things done. I felt that I was part of a team of champions. My sales knowledge has continued to be elevated since then. Anyone who wants and desires to be a champion, join Caitlin. I will forever be grateful to Caitlin.”


-- Joyce Nyairo

What's different about the Academy of Influence™?
  • Easy – Daily Ready-To-Implement Activities for any level of experience
  • Unique to YOU – Personality assessments align general principles with your own personal style
  • Win-Win – Focus on improving others’ lives and selling as an act of love and service
  • Earn as You Go – Close deals throughout the program... Most of our clients get a better than 100% ROI before they graduate
  • Sustainable – Avoid burn out and frustration, because you are doing what you naturally love to do the way you were born to do it!
  • Practical Tips & Proven Models - Make sure you're modeling what's been proven to work
  • Mindset Training - The most important thing in sales is HOW YOU FEEL about it... We show you how to work through the emotional baggage and start every sales conversation from a place of alignment
  • Fill-in-the-Blank Templates - Know exactly what to say and when to say it without feeling "scripted"
  • Community - Connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs


Meet Your Coaches
I have recruited the best and brightest sales leaders to join our Faculty Advisor Team,
who will offer their own special insights and bonuses!

Jennifer Diepstraten, MS


With over 20 years’ experience in sales and communication studies, Jennifer understands what it really takes for people to take decisive action.  As a result of her expertise, she’s sold over $14 million in products in ten years in corporate sales, working for world-leading biotech companies.  She’s also taught sales conversion alongside renowned sales trainers in the entrepreneurial training and personal development industries.  Her “One-Call” consultation system enabled her to triple her fees in her own heart-centered entrepreneurial endeavor in less than 6 months.

Ashley Ryan

Ashley Ryan served in corporate sales and marketing for several years before starting her own marketing firm over 10 years ago: She has built marketing systems and sales funnels for hundreds of spiritually-aligned coaches and entrepreneurs and consults with Fortune 500 business leaders.

Jennifer Flynn

Jennifer has been in sales for over 15 years. Virtual Coaching Sales brought her on first as a closer, and soon moved her into a Team Leader role, where she works with our clients to develop sales talent and teams and train them in a heart centered approach that puts the leads and prospects first.  She has employed this heart centered sales approach in successfully running others' businesses in addition to her own private coaching practice.





Johnilee Whiteside, MA

Johnilee is a transformational and innovative leader with a Master’s Degree in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. As a certified counselor and a Tapping into Wealth and success coach; she brings a unique blend of Emotional Freedom Technique, Law of Attraction, continuous improvement practices, appreciative inquiry, with mentoring and development coaching to her leadership style. Johnilee leads and coaches sales teams internationally and coaches individual sales professionals.



During our time together, we will:

  • Identify Your Top 5 Strengths to develop your intrinsic “Sales Personality”
  • Find Your “Fascinate” Advantage Profile: You’ll learn how you are naturally wired to attract and impress others…you’ll increase your value and confidence by living in your sphere of influence

  • Map Out Your Personal Values And Craft A Leadership Manifesto that will attract like-minded people and opportunities that mirror your heart-song

  • Create A Vision-Board Of Your Ideal Life to maintain your focus… because life can be distracting!

  • Give You A Complete Mindset Overhaul: You’ll uncover and debunk the subconscious lies you tell yourself that sabotage your success (we all do it!) — if you liked this webinar, this section will transform you and your life!

  • Master The Practical Sales Skills that allow you to build trust and establish authority on an instinctive level; use question-based dialogue to have your clients “selling themselves”

  • Connect Everything You’ve Learned Into Real-Life Selling Opportunities while in a safe and supportive coaching environment (building your resume and your bank account simultaneously!)
>> We're Starting This Monday! <<
Our next class is starting on Monday and we limit registration to 25 students per enrollment to ensure you are getting quality time with me and our Faculty Advisors. 
JOIN NOW to reserve your seat on this intimate, transformational training event!
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We are also including our Get More Leads Now™ Marketing Checklist with 36 proven steps for starting sales conversations with your best prospects. Each one is designed to be FREE or Almost-Free to help you save money!



Even if you don't have a list or have never closed a deal, we will show you how to:

  • Get Clarity - Identify your ideal target market and what they need
  • Implement the Basics - Create a professional and appealing brand with a minimal budget
  • Ask for Referrals - Own your niche and become the Go-To person in your community
  • Draft Your Sales Survey - This is my Secret Weapon for closing your first 3 deals!
  • Create Your Irresistible Free Offer - Share an "impossibly good" deal to start building your list
  • Develop a List of Prospects - Look at all the venues available for you to start sales conversations
  • Follow Up - After you've had your sales conversation, we'll show you how to turn even a "No" into a Win!
I mean it when I say that you can learn to sell in a way that doesn’t feel like selling. I’m committed to your growth and want you to be the BEST VERSION OF YOU POSSIBLE. 

I want to help you transform your business and your life — to help you grow your bank account, break through limiting beliefs, and show you your innate style of persuasion so you change the world…one client and customer at a time…in a way that only you can do.

Isn’t it time you invest in your future and build the skills that lead to the life you’ve always dreamed of while helping others get what they need, too? 
 "And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."                 -- Anais Nin

Here’s to your happiest and most profitable year so far!
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